Vape Reviews UK – Dovpo Odin DNA250C

Vape Reviews UK – Dovpo Odin DNA250C



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    There is hardly anything in the world that matches the excitement and anticipation of collaborations, especially between leading vape manufacturers and seasoned vape veterans.

    Dovpo Odin DNA250C UK is the expression of functionality and monstrous power that is a result of an exclusive partnership between Dovpom Vaperz Cloud, and Vaping Bogan.

    Our review will explore the features of Dovpo Odin DNA250C, evaluate its pros while highlighting its cons, and offer a holistic verdict about its performance and value for money.

    Let us find out if the popular collaboration fulfilled our expectations or not.

    Build Quality & Design

    The build quality is a testament to Dovpo’s mark of craftmanship. Crafted from solid zinc alloy, Odin DNA250C comes in a small, ergonomic size. Half a dozen cooling fin cutouts give an aesthetic appeal while ensuring easy gripping that prevents the mod from slipping from your hands. It’s truly a blessing for all the slippery and sweaty hands out there!

    Overall, it is a compact mod with minimal hinges and screws that reflects the high-quality build design.


    The most stand out feature is the chipset – Evolv DNA250C Chipset. The monstrous performance of the chipset can be determined by the innovative features it has in store for us.

    · Wattage Control

    · Replay Function

    · Temperature Control to sense the temperature and prevent overheating that can be devastatingly damaging.

    · Pre-heat Function for a warm, strong hit

    · Synchronous Rectification that allows Odin to offer maximum output while conserving battery

    While wattage control and temperature control are common in other mods, Dovpo has designed its own wattage and temperature control systems which are far more efficient.

    Almost all of Dovpo’s features are patented that means if you wish to experience the rare performance of Evolv DNA250C chipset, Dovpo Odin DNA250C will have to be your ultimate choice.


    For the entire duration of the vaping session, the mod did not heat even once. There are enough ample venting ports on either side of the rounded hexagon frame to cool the mod that checks all list of superior performance.

    The power generation and output of Dovpo Odin 250C is a superbly impressive feature.

    However, we all are well aware to not judge a mod’s capabilities solely upon single use, aren’t we? So, we put Odin 250C through our rigorous testing and found that its stellar performance gets exponentially better as you continue vaping.

    If you are someone who vapes at higher outputs, get ready to be blown by Dovpo’s Odin 250C!

    Ramp Up Time

    The ramp up time was faster than we have experienced anything in a while.

    With its ridiculously fast speed, we won’t be surprised if Dovpo Odin DNA250C makes a surprise appearance in the next edition of Formula 1! Or more realistically, in one of the fastest mods.

    Building on Odin

    Throw whatever you may at Dovpo Odin DNA250C; there is no wire or build type that Odin 250C cannot recognize. The ability to recalibrate itself and keep pace with whatever challenge we throw at it, Dovpo’s Odin has conquered our tests.


    The flavour hit that Odin provides is parallel to other amazing features the mod offers. The flavour is rich, strong, and immediate regardless of how high wattage is set.

    Cons of Dovpo Odin DNA250C

    We were thoroughly amazed by Dovpo Odin; however, two features were not as ideal as we wanted.

    The menu system is reminiscent of past, older mods. Perhaps a more modern menu system could be a good potential development.

    Moreover, the high level of customization is most ideal, but the world of vapes has moved on from such a high level of customization.


    Odin is the most performing and evolved chipset one can have from Dovpo. However, there still needs to be some development and a larger leap to bring in more development in the chipset.

    All in all, Dovpo Odin DNA250C is a highly customizable mod which will complement seasoned vapers’ needs and levels of customization.

    Q & A:

    1. What age can you start vaping?

    The legal age in most countries to buy e-cigarettes is 18 to 21, depends on different countries.

    1. What Is a Vape Mod?

    Vape Mods are larger devices and are known for their high vapor production. This kind of device have many settings for you to choose and vape.

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