Vape Reviews UK – Dovpo Odin DNA250C

Vape Reviews UK – Dovpo Odin DNA250C



  1. Overview
  2. Build Quality & Design
  • Features
    1. Performance
      1. Ramp Up Time
      2. Building on Odin
      3. Flavour
    2. Cons of Dovpo Odin DNA250C
    3. Conclusion
    4. Q & A:


    There is hardly anything in the world that matches the excitement and anticipation of collaborations, especially between leading vape manufacturers and seasoned vape veterans.

    Dovpo Odin DNA250C UK is the expression of functionality and monstrous power that is a result of an exclusive partnership between Dovpom Vaperz Cloud, and Vaping Bogan.

    Our review will explore the features of Dovpo Odin DNA250C, evaluate its pros while highlighting its cons, and offer a holistic verdict about its performance and value for money.

    Let us find out if the popular collaboration fulfilled our expectations or not.

    Build Quality & Design

    The build quality is a testament to Dovpo’s mark of craftmanship. Crafted from solid zinc alloy, Odin DNA250C comes in a small, ergonomic size. Half a dozen cooling fin cutouts give an aesthetic appeal while ensuring easy gripping that prevents the mod from slipping from your hands. It’s truly a blessing for all the slippery and sweaty hands out there!

    Overall, it is a compact mod with minimal hinges and screws that reflects the high-quality build design.


    The most stand out feature is the chipset – Evolv DNA250C Chipset. The monstrous performance of the chipset can be determined by the innovative features it has in store for us.

    · Wattage Control

    · Replay Function

    · Temperature Control to sense the temperature and prevent overheating that can be devastatingly damaging.

    · Pre-heat Function for a warm, strong hit

    · Synchronous Rectification that allows Odin to offer maximum output while conserving battery

    While wattage control and temperature control are common in other mods, Dovpo has designed its own wattage and temperature control systems which are far more efficient.

    Almost all of Dovpo’s features are patented that means if you wish to experience the rare performance of Evolv DNA250C chipset, Dovpo Odin DNA250C will have to be your ultimate choice.


    For the entire duration of the vaping session, the mod did not heat even once. There are enough ample venting ports on either side of the rounded hexagon frame to cool the mod that checks all list of superior performance.

    The power generation and output of Dovpo Odin 250C is a superbly impressive feature.

    However, we all are well aware to not judge a mod’s capabilities solely upon single use, aren’t we? So, we put Odin 250C through our rigorous testing and found that its stellar performance gets exponentially better as you continue vaping.

    If you are someone who vapes at higher outputs, get ready to be blown by Dovpo’s Odin 250C!

    Ramp Up Time

    The ramp up time was faster than we have experienced anything in a while.

    With its ridiculously fast speed, we won’t be surprised if Dovpo Odin DNA250C makes a surprise appearance in the next edition of Formula 1! Or more realistically, in one of the fastest mods.

    Building on Odin

    Throw whatever you may at Dovpo Odin DNA250C; there is no wire or build type that Odin 250C cannot recognize. The ability to recalibrate itself and keep pace with whatever challenge we throw at it, Dovpo’s Odin has conquered our tests.


    The flavour hit that Odin provides is parallel to other amazing features the mod offers. The flavour is rich, strong, and immediate regardless of how high wattage is set.

    Cons of Dovpo Odin DNA250C

    We were thoroughly amazed by Dovpo Odin; however, two features were not as ideal as we wanted.

    The menu system is reminiscent of past, older mods. Perhaps a more modern menu system could be a good potential development.

    Moreover, the high level of customization is most ideal, but the world of vapes has moved on from such a high level of customization.


    Odin is the most performing and evolved chipset one can have from Dovpo. However, there still needs to be some development and a larger leap to bring in more development in the chipset.

    All in all, Dovpo Odin DNA250C is a highly customizable mod which will complement seasoned vapers’ needs and levels of customization.

    Q & A:

    1. What age can you start vaping?

    The legal age in most countries to buy e-cigarettes is 18 to 21, depends on different countries.

    1. What Is a Vape Mod?

    Vape Mods are larger devices and are known for their high vapor production. This kind of device have many settings for you to choose and vape.

    1. Where is the best online store to buy vape mods in the UK?

    Newvaping is a nice choice for you to get vape kits. They merchandise high-quality vape mods for our customers vape better without emptying their wallets and provide the best vape starter kits for new vapers who are looking to enjoy a simple, seamless vaping experience.

  • Is Target pm30 the best vape?

    Is Target pm30 the best vape?



    1. Is Target pm30 the best vape?
      1. Unboxing Vaporesso Target PM30
      2. Vaporesso Target PM30 Specs and Features
      3. Design and build
      4. The pods and coils
      5. Wattage, power, and battery
      6. Pros:
      7. Cons:
  • Q&A
  • Is Target pm30 the best vape?

    The UK Target pm30 is a piece of beauty and one of the several vape mods fabricated by Vaporesso. After several months of rigorous testing, the company finally unveiled a unique coil with different airflow and wicking materials to enjoy your e-liquid – introducing the Target pm30. Though, it looks somewhere in between Vaporesso’s larger PM80 devices and their smaller Osmall pod systems, but read on to learn more.

    Unboxing Vaporesso Target PM30

    · 1x Target PM30 Device

    · 2x Target PM30 Pod (2.0ml TPD)

    · 1x 0.6ohm GTX Mesh Coil (20-30w)

    · 1x 1.2ohm GTX Regular Coil (8-12w)

    · 1x Warranty Card

    · 1x Type-C USB Cable

    · 1x User manual

    · 1x Reminder Card

    Vaporesso Target PM30 Specs and Features

    · Dimension: 117.1mm×26.7mm×22.0mm

    · Battery Capacity: 1200mAH Internal

    · Output Wattage: 30

    · Suitable Resistance: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω

    · E-Juice Capacity: 3.5ml (TPD Version 2.0ml)

    · Airflow – Adjustable on the RGC Coil

    · Charging: Max 1A charge via USB-C Port

    Design and build

    Measuring 117mm by 27mm by 22mm, the Target PM30 is primarily made of zinc alloy and has a touch of the glossy paint finish. While weighing just under 100g, it appears quite long for a pod mod, but it makes up for it in slickness. Thus, it never feels bulky when you hold it in your palms.

    What it lacks in the display screen, the PM30 makes up for it in an LED ring that surrounds the fire button. While the red light signals that your vape’s battery is less than 30%, the green light indicates that it’s over 70% full, and the blue light indicates your battery is somewhere between 30 and 70 percent.

    The pods and coils

    The pod, which holds up to 3.5ml of e-liquid, is compatible with the GTX coil series. And Vaporesso also sells a TPD-compliant pod cartridge that houses a maximum amount of 2ml e-liquid.

    The Target PM30 is built to include three wattage levels, and each one gives you a pre-set wattage based on the coil you use. If you like, you can use the o.6ohm mesh coil for direct lung hits, the 1.2ohm regular coil for mouth to lung vaping, or the 0.8ohm mesh coil (to be bought separately) if you’re looking for something in between.

    Wattage, power, and battery

    The Target PM30 comes with three power levels – low, medium, and high. Automatically, the wattages linked with each power level is designed to adjust to the specific coil you are using. This way, it reduces your chances of burning your coil.

    An internal 1200mAh battery powers Vaporesso Target PM30 and it delivers a max output of 30watts. You’ll find the power button in the front with an LED light right beneath it, and the USB Type-C charging port is placed somewhere on its back.


    · Solid build quality

    · Easy to operate

    · A vast range of GTX coils


    · Airflow is somewhat loose on 1.2Ohm coil

    · Airflow is non-adjustable


    1. What is a pod mod vape

      A pod mod vape is made up of two main components. The pod, which contains e-liquid and a rechargeable battery. Pods can be refillable or come pre-filled.

    2. How do I use a pod mod?

      Simply fill the pod with vape juice, push the pod onto the battery, wait 10 minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coils then vape.

    3. Do pod vapes have coils?

      Pod vapes have coils like any regular vape tank. Depending on what device you choose the coil will either be built into the pod or replaceable.

    What are Factors to Consider when Using AGVs

    What are Factors to Consider when Using AGVs



    The make use of automated guided vehicles (AGV) has played a pivotal role in facilitating the process and throughput efficiency in manufacturing and distribution operations. Interfacing with multiple auto-transfer devices, AGVs provide reliable raw materials and merchandise handling, with less prospect of product damage, in comparison to manual ways of transport.

    Utilizing a combo of the logic program and wired or wi-fi navigation, AGVs is capable of doing tasks that aren’t possible with other transfer systems-such when the uniform motion and positioning of loads to within just a fraction of a great inch of their specified targets, without hurry and noise, and with a higher amount of safety for personnel and the operational environment.

    Transporting these serious loads, however, imparts large forces after these vehicles, leading to significant protection and power requirements to retain AGV fleets operating. Newer models incorporate style, navigation, sensor, and vitality improvements that can drastically streamline their operational effectiveness, cost of protection, and ROI, in addition to prior AGVs.

    Various kinds of AGVs exist for use in several industries, including those vehicles suitable for extremely weighty or oversize loads. But also for a big amount of applications in making and distribution, AGVs are used for pallet movement.


    For pallet movements, four types of AGVs are generally employed. Basic differentiating elements that require to be regarded for every kind of AGV program are the following:

    1. Fork AGV System

    Outrigger counterbalanced or under-rigger
    Pantograph or traversing-mast reach
    Single- or double-fork
    Side-shift forks
    All-wheel steer, omnidirectional.

    1. Lift Deck/Device Load AGV System

    Turning radius
    Electric power lift versus hydraulic lift
    Differential steering versus single-steer drive.

    1. Conveyor Deck AGV System

    Single- or dual-conveyor
    Off-board power requirements
    Payloads up to 60 tons
    Dual-steer drive, quad movements.

    1. Tugger AGV System

    Braking-negative g-force to avoid vehicle safely
    Grades-much more torque necessary to go upgrades
    Automatic coupling and hitching
    Floor flatness critical.

    You will find a linear relationship between your run time of an AGV and its weight. Presented any battery size, if 10% of the weight is removed from the vehicle, it’ll travel 10% much longer. Commensurately, if 20% of the pounds is reduced, it’ll travel 20% longer.

    When contemplating a forked vehicle program, for instance, this weight-to-travel ratio could have considerable implications. A counterbalanced automobile will have to add 40-50% of the vehicle’s pounds for the counterbalance. With an outrigger style, or under-rigger style (for European-design pallets), the expanded wheels support the strain, so that vehicle design is 40-50% lighter.

    Other factors enter into play with excess weight as well. The implications of a car of this size which has a 40-50% weight-loss are of enormous effects. Lighter weight cars will need less recurrent battery charging, accordingly, fewer battery chargers will come to be needed to support a fleet. Repair and use requirements for these lighter fat cars are commensurately diminished. The strength draw wanted from AGV batteries is reduced. And repairs necessary for plant floors, due to the AGVs and their load weights, are as well considerably lessened.

    Although the outrigger and the under-rigger avoid the counterweight, the counterbalanced vehicle is a far more narrow truck, that will permit movement in extra narrow aisles, enabling denser pallet storage and a smaller floor footprint.

    AGVs have got typically been designed so that the fat of the AGV is 40-60% of the expected load. This 40/60 ratio possesses been the traditional AGV style practice for decades. It has nowadays evolved with the launch of lighter, better AGVs, which weigh significantly less than regular AGVs, and so are engineered to lessen wear and energy consumption. They not only meet the payload requirements of modern-day heavier models but meet or exceed those cars’ structural stress thresholds.


    Many AGVs in procedure within making plants, and several of those first placed into procedure before 2000, were often built with Ackermann steering links. This set up of linkages, commonly employed for steering automobiles and trucks, remedies the condition of establishing wheel angles in a move, considering that each wheel must trace out circles of several radii. The problem is normally that Ackermann steering geometry simply approximates the mandatory steering angles, permitting inaccuracies that cause wheel scrubbing. With such large loads in transfer, the outcome creates considerable mend and protection requirements. The wheel scrubbing not merely increases amp draw, but may also trigger concrete and tire dress in.

    Newer AGVs can also be engineered with electronic independent-wheel steering, which includes considerable implications for AGV operability, vehicle protection, and service requirements, and harm to plant floors.

    Electronic independent-wheel steering eliminates Ackermann steering geometry and the problems it creates. The automobile can now get sideways or in virtually any direction, allowing shorter trips, thereby lowering the fleet size. The four-wheel independent steering supplies restricted maneuvering and smoother cornering.


    Options for batteries in AGVs are predominantly business lead-acid and Lithium chemistries. The most conventional vitality source found in AGVs possesses been but still is, business lead-acid. But business lead is major. Since the battery run period is immediately proportional to automobile and payload weight, a decrease in vehicle fat on AGVs straight impacts the run period of its batteries. Subsequently, any weight-loss exhibited by AGVs results in a longer run period from the batteries before needing a recharge.

    New battery technology also plays a part in fat loss. A Lithium-ion answer, for example, with the ability to put out 140 amp hours of vitality would weigh about 150 pounds. Review this to a business lead-acid battery adding out the same vitality, but weighing 700 pounds. For the same vitality, 550 pounds have already been removed from the automobile.

    The recharge time for Lithium-ion solutions is approximately 4X faster than lead-acid. And usual lead-acid recharge cycles happen to be about 1,000, while Lithium-ion phosphate is normally nearer to 4,000 cycles. In a nutshell, the Lithium-ion phosphate battery is certainly charging 4X faster and providing 4X the life in comparison to lead-acid.


    AGV systems include navigation systems, predicated on laser and/or perhaps inertial guidance. Each program varies in performance, overall flexibility, and cost.

    Laser navigation

    Laser navigation systems derive from the focus on triangulation to keep carefully the vehicles on training. The vehicle has a rotating laser beam beacon, which scans 360 degrees around the automobile for laser targets attached to columns, walls, and stationary machinery. The reflections from these targets happen to be measured following angles from the automobile and triangulated to permit the automobile to determine its posture. This position is in comparison to a CAD-type map placed in the vehicle’s storage.

    The machine uses positive-positioning feedback instantly, computing algorithms a huge selection of times per second. The targets are usually located 20 to 50 feet aside, on both sides of the road to provide satisfactory navigation image resolution. The steering is modified accordingly to keep carefully the AGV on the monitor. It can in that case navigate to a preferred target using the frequently updating position. Laser beam navigation can buy tracking accuracy around +/- .75 inches on vehicles of the size.

    Inertial navigation

    Inertial satnav systems use a gyroscope onboard the AGV to find changes in vehicle direction and attitude. Each vehicle includes a CAD-type map of the machine layout in its storage. The automobile steers by comparing info from the gyroscope and odometry sensors (which estimate transformation constantly in place) to the map, and producing necessary course corrections every time it passes over a magnet or transponder.

    Commonly, the tracking of inertial satnav systems is +/- one inch of the real path. Magnets or transponders happen to be embedded in the ground every 30 to 60 feet to keep up the tracking accuracy.


    Both navigation methods could be seamlessly combined in an idea called multi-navigation, which switches backward and forwards from laser beam to inertial guidance without stopping the automobile. This enables the AGVs to go within a plant and outside, where one program alone might not get access to the physical environment or weather conditions essential to support that system.

    AGVs traveling nominally 2 mph, and so are equipped with outboard laser beam bumper sensors for object detection. Within the auto 360 degrees incorporating upwards, the sensors are made to cause the automobiles to change their velocity, or stop if required if an obstacle is certainly detected within their path. After the path is very clear, the AGVs will immediately continue their mission.

    Some bumper sensors possess a variety starting at about 1,500 lux (the SI product of illuminance and luminous emittance). These different AGVs utilize the latest safely laser technology, incorporating 15,000 lux devices, with a 10 circumstances bigger tolerance to light.


    The smooth functioning of AGVs would depend on the controls system, which includes the duty of coordinating the orders received from the plant’s process system or warehouse management system, or ERP, then directing the task for the automated guided vehicles.

    More complex controls systems could be by using a Windows and SQL database architecture that’s in a position to uniquely operate within an individual platform. Communication is supplied by two-approach radio transmissions between your vehicles and the pc. The controls present real-time supervision of the system’s procedure, including management facts, load prioritization, load position, productivity statistics and information, and workload examination. It allows associated features to be automated-such much as receiving, recyclables storage, hotline procedures, roll mill processes, frigid mill processes, finished merchandise storage, and shipping.

    The positional status of every AGV is consistently being updated through the controls system, at least one time per second, regarding such factors as whether it’s loaded or unloaded, emergency stopped or soft stopped, operating in manual mode, and battery pack level. A simulation module simulates the AGVs in the machine. An HMI graphical user interface provides the operator a graphical summary of the AGV spots in the machine and monitors each in real-time.

    Operational versatility is an integral factor with newer controls systems-not just on its capability to immediate and manage the fleet of AGVs, but also on its expandability. A variety of AGVs can get put into the network, anytime plant development or distribution needs need.


    AGVs, with fat loss and electronic independent-wheel steering, can deliver a big decrease in maintenance and fixes. Realistically, up to a 60% decrease in gross annual maintenance, per vehicle, may be accomplished.

    Contributing to this can be the accessibility of the AGV to execute maintenance or fixes. With conventional AGVs, usage of wheels, gears, and additional moving parts are generally unexposed, requiring the automobile to come to be hoisted or moved right into a pit to get serviced. That is an inherent problem which includes been resolved in a few recent AGV models.


    AGV system simulations provide excellent system development rules for perfect circumstances. But such circumstances seldom exist in making and logistics conveniences. What-if conditions must be factored into the simulation, including the variable of human being interaction on to the floor where AGVs happen to be in motion.

    Fleet size is monitored by: a) level of merchandise transported per approach; and b) amount of route. The larger the AGV program, the more important may be the dependence on simulation. In something bigger than five or six cars, the simulation will be a need, as mathematics calculations only cannot adequately account for vehicle-to-throughput ratios.


    Likewise influencing the performance of AGV systems is temperature and humidity, wi-fi insurance policy coverage over the region of transportation, electromagnetic interference (EMI), the conductivity of the ground coating, and flooring drain, slopes, and grades. These elements should be considered when deciding the most optimum methodology for an AGV program.


    AGVs permit significant efficiencies to development and distribution. They boost development flow by bringing materials to the operators, therefore cutting cycle instances, and eliminating hang on, walk, and search period. They reduce work-in-improvement inventory. They chop labor costs through the elimination of simple jobs linked to material and movements and invite reassignment of those personnel to areas where they can add more benefit to the center. Occasionally, AGVs can practically eradicate product damage with delicate managing of loads, and offer the versatility of process circulation and throughput, as desires change.

    Chuck Russell is vice president of revenue with Transbotics Corp., a supplier of automated guided cars, automated guided vehicles, and custom engineered cars for creation and warehouse facilities.

    Vaporesso GEN MOD the Most Affordable Mod?

    Vaporesso GEN MOD the Most Affordable Mod?



    1. Overview
    2. Review of Vaporesso GEN MOD
      1. Design and Build Quality
      2. Functionality
      3. OLED Screen
      4. Pulse Mode
      5. Eco Mode
      6. Battery Timing
      7. Glimpse into The Future
      8. Battery Replacement
      9. Price Points
    3. Conclusion
    4. Q&A:


    Having produced vape devices, such as Luxe, Armour Pro, and Polar, Vaporesso had its reputation to live up to.

    Vaporesso set out to build a beast-mode vape device that is within the reach of the masses and finally launched its dual-18650 mod Vaporesso GEN.

    Whether Vaporesso GEN Mod has met all expectations and reached all the targets it set out to achieve or not, we present this detailed product review to objectively analyze its performance.

    Review of Vaporesso GEN MOD

    Design and Build Quality

    Vaporesso GEN has the build quality, design, and functionality that is certainly one of the best in the market right now. The rubber coating provides a premium look that feels luxurious in hand. The Vaporesso GEN Kit is paired with Vaporesso LUXE S 220W SKRR-S Tank.

    Although it is relatively bigger, it is extremely lightweight at around 107 grams.

    The minimalist look of metal with dual contrasting colors are a beautiful sight to behold and vape from!


    The multi-coated rubber-like material allows users to hold onto the device with one hand. The rubber coatings also provide sufficient friction to prevent slippery hands.

    The buttons are placed on the sides which is the most suitable and intuitive placement for buttons. Vaporesso GEN houses a 510 connector on its top

    OLED Screen

    While most devices rely on LED indicators, Vaporesso GEN has availed the first mover’s advantage and introduced a vibrant, non-reflective OLED screen that displays device’s status- power output, resistance in ohms, and battery life

    Pulse Mode

    Vaporesso GEN is packed with features and surprises. One such offering is the pulse mode. When the fire button is pressed, the pulse mode allows you to experience a high power, high wattage vape “hit” without any reduction in subsequent vapes.

    Eco Mode

    Battery life and vape performance usually fall exponentially beyond a certain low-battery point. Vaporesso GEN, however, combats these issues with its Eco mode.

    The Eco mode optimizes Vaporesso GEN to deliver relatively optimal performance while extending battery time too.

    Battery Timing

    Vaporesso GEN offers an impressive battery timing of 5 to 6 hours for heavy use on pulse mode. Turning on the Eco mode can allow you an additional 60 minutes of battery time.

    Glimpse into The Future

    Vaporesso GEN, running on an Axon chip, offers endless possibilities and features that have great functionality. It helps the device to scan and determine the ohms of the atomizer that is attached.

    Axon Chips also offers temperature control feature to monitor heat generated and ensure no technical incidents due to heating occurs.

    The Pulse Mode, Power Eco, Smart TC, and a DIY Mode make Vaporesso GEN a device of the future.

    Battery Replacement

    The battery door is easy to open to access battery spring-pocket. This makes it easy to replace the batteries. Good quality batteries can allow Vaporesso GEN to perform superbly well and reach a 220-watt

    Price Points

    Priced between $65-$68, Vaporesso GEN is one of the most affordable and price competitive products in the market right now. It is positively surprising how a decently priced device can offer such a tremendous performance and value for money.


    Despite a seemingly outdated black and white OLED display, Vaporesso GEN has given a stellar performance and value for money.

    A beautiful outlook, impressive power, and smart options make Vaporesso GEN a certain winner in its price category.


    1. What Is a Vape Mod?

    Vape Mods are larger devices than e-cigarettes, and are known for their high vapor production. This kind of device takes its cue from a regular vape pen, but is enhanced to include certain advanced features. These advancements can take many forms.

    1. Where is the best online store to buy Mods in the UK?

    NewVaping is UK’s fast-rising vape shop. They merchandise high-quality vape kits for our customers vape better without emptying their wallets and provide the best vape starter kits for new vapers who are looking to enjoy a simple, seamless vaping experience.

    1. Can I put any tank on my mod?

    You can put pretty much any 510 threaded atomizer onto any 510 threaded mod but it won’t always work. If the resistance is lower than the mod can fire, it won’t work. If the diameter is too large, it won’t fit.

    Top 4 Best Vaping Kit in the UK

    Top 4 Best Vaping Kit in the UK



    1. Top 4Best Vaping Kit in the UK
      1. Geek Vape Aegis legend kit
      2. Juul Starter Kit
      3. Vype ePend 3 Starter Kit
      4. Logic Compact Starter Kit
      5. Innokin Z-BIIP Kit
    2. H2 Q&A:

    Vaping and e-cigarettes have taken the smoking industry by storm. You will see teenagers and youngsters who were keen to use other modes of smoking are now inclined towards vaping and e-cigarettes. With the growing demand for vaping devices, it is now confusing for the consumers to find the best possible vaping kit in the UK. If you don’t have the best vaping kit, you won’t enjoy the experience that is for sure. If you have a hard time deciding what vaping kit to be purchased, we have made this easier for you, and we are here to tell you about the best vaping kits in the UK.

    Top 4Best Vaping Kit in the UK

    Geek Vape Aegis legend kit

    Our first pick is the Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200W Starter kit, and it is the best possible kit for the beginners. It has an updated chassis with room for two 18650 batteries, and it has an increased power of 200W. It also includes all-new intelligent AS Chip, and he rugged box mod is also constructed with aluminium allow with LSR Injection Moulding technology so you can enjoy maximum durability. It is equipped with waterproof, shockproof technology and has comfortable leather grips.

    Juul Starter Kit

    As soon as it hit the markets, Juul became the well-known names in UK vaping industry and all for good reasons. This starter kit has all the ingredients which are required for a beginner vape. You get Juul e-cigarette, which is easier to operate, and it also comes with a USB charging dock and four pods of liquid so you can choose from the flavours you like the best.

    Vype ePend 3 Starter Kit

    It comes with a vape design, and it is available in five different colours for you to choose from. It is a good choice for beginner vapers. It includes 2 cartridges that have one Blended Tobacco and one Crisp Mint, and you can choose around a million flavours from the online shop if you are in the mood to try something different. It has a USB charger included, and the flavour caps are easy to operate.

    Logic Compact Starter Kit

    It is another great choice for beginner vapers, and you can choose from the 3 vibrant colours of the colour of your choice. It includes perennially popular rose gold, and it also includes the Logic Compact device itself USB charger and 6 prefilled pods of your own choice. If you are just starting vaping, then this one is for you. It does not have any buttons or settings, which makes it easier to operate.

    Innokin Z-BIIP Kit

    This new Z-BIIP kit is an all-in-one system, and it has audible alerts to tell you the status of the vape without even you are looking at it. It is a little complex than the other vapes, but it is compatible with many accessories, and if you know how to operate this one, then you are a master of your own vaping club. It has a large battery and side-mounted switch and an easy-fill design.

    H2 Q&A:

    1. What is included in a starter kit?

    Vape starter kits include everything you need to vape right out of the box. Depending on the style of device you buy this will include a mod, or vape battery, and a vape tank and coil. With the more advanced kits you will get a tank with replaceable coil.

    1. How much are vape kits?

    Vape kits range in price from $15 to $100. At the low end you will find the relatively simple vape pens and pod systems which are great for beginners. At the higher end you will find the more advanced mod and tank systems which allow you to control every aspect of the vape experience.

    1. Where is the best online store to buy vape kits in the UK?

    NewVaping is the leading vape store in the UK. They offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.

    Vape Shop Near Me in the UK

    Vape Shop Near Me in the UK



    1. How to Choose a Vape Shop
      1. Factors to Consider When Picking a Vape Shop
    2. Best Vape Retailers in the UK
    3. Best Online Vape Store in the UK
    4. Q&A

    The UK is one of the places in the world with a massive number of people involved in vaping having a whooping record of over 3.6 million active Vapers, which is one good reason why Vape shops are scattered all around the neighborhoods, streets, counties, and more. You can access the nearest Vape shop in the comfort of your place – there are many Vape stores online. Vape shops are regular founts for purchasing electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other related products to encourage smokers to quit tobacco use.

    Owning to the purpose they serve, Vape shops are located strategically in the UK to ensure their availability at every close range. Although some new Vapers or those who need additional kits or upgrade still ask the question: Can I get a Vape store near me around my neighborhood? Well, don’t fret. It’s quite not difficult. If you’re living anywhere in the UK, trust me, there’s a Vape shop at your close range. That’s the essence of the write-up. I have compiled an impressive list of different Vape shops located within the UK boundaries that will help you find a Vape shop that will suit you.

    Wait a minute. Before going through the list, I will like to offer you a guide on how to choose a Vape store that would give you value for your money. Of course, I will recommend the best Vape Suppliers Online with a wide variety of products and price ranges.

    How to Choose a Vape Shop

    Locating a trusted Vape store seems not complicated, but for the UK, where are many Vape shops popping up all over the places, all with seemingly the same kind of products, which should consider before choosing your Vape shop?

    To start with, considering the various Vape shops around and numerous Vape shops online, it might seem not simple to choose which one to spend your hard-earned money. However, just like any other industry, you need to buy from a trusted brand that is reputable and lookout for quality products and excellent customer care service.

    Factors to Consider When Picking a Vape Shop

    l Select the suitable device. A good Vape shop would recommend vaping products that will suit you whether you want a new kit or an upgrade.

    l Set up your device. Your Vape shop needs to show you how to set up your device, how it works, and provide you all the necessary information you need for further usage.

    l Provide adequate information as regards how to take proper care of your device, including how to clean it, how to change the coils or pods, and more to avoid damage and encourage device safety.

    l Find you the perfect flavours that suit your taste buds.

    Best Vape Retailers in the UK

    To make it easier, I have compiled a list of some trusted Vaping stores you can patronize within the UK. They include:

    Island Vape Shop

    9b Charters Court, Corby NN18 8QT, United Kingdom.

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    1. How to Choose a Vape Shop?

    There are a few tips for choosing the best vape shop near me.

    Look at the quality of the vape products

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    1. How to Choose the best Vape Device Online for Beginner?

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    1. How to Choose an Online Vape Shop?

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    GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W Kit Review

    GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W Kit Review



    1. Build Quality and Design of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit
    2. Functions and Features of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit
      1. Quick Guide of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit:
    3. Cerberus Tank
    4. GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit Review
      1. Pros and Cons of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit

    The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit is the most recent vape device from famous vaping manufacturer Geekvape. The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit utilizes a 2200mah Built-In Battery with a solid tank along with two coils alternatives. It is suitable for sub ohm vaping. Thanks a lot Newvaping for giving me this product for review.

    GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit Specifications:

    Dimensions: 78mmx30mmx35mm

    Battery: 2200mah Built-In Battery

    Wattage output: 5W-80W

    Tank capacity: 5.5ml(standard) / 2ml(TPD)

    Coil resistance: Super Mesh X2 Coil 0.3ohm

    Thread: 510

    GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit Package Contents:

    1x Aegis Mini Mod

    1x Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank 2ml (pre-installed Super Mesh Coil 0.3ohm)

    1x Spare Parts Pack

    1x Super Mesh Coil 0.3ohm

    1x USB Cable

    1x User Manual

    Build Quality and Design of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit

    The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit is a powerful and reliable kit. It stands at 78x30x35mm. Made of zinc alloy, the GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit possesses an ergonomic condition that suits your palm comfortably. Throughout everything is extremely well developed. The spring-loaded 510 connector can take up to 25mm atomizer without overhang. The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit featuresfire button and the adjustment buttons, which will be clicky and responsive. The 0.96-inch display screen is clear and simple to read.

    Functions and Features of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit

    The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit is driven by 2200mah Built-In Battery maintains top-tier efficiency throughout the experience. It features minimalistic dimensions for increased portability and stealth, IP67-grade durability and protections (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof), and a fully equipped user control suite. The screen displays your vaping info like battery life, voltage and wattage. The performing of the menu is great. There were no issues scrolling through the many options.

    Quick Guide of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit:

    • Five clicks of the fire button to turn on and off
    • Three clicks to enter the menu mode
    • Up and down to cycle through modes
    • Fire to select the mode
    • Up and down to adjust the other settings in each mode
    • Hold fire to accept the settings
    • Fire + up or down adjusts the screen brightness
    • Up + down to lock adjustment buttons but the mod can still be fired

    Cerberus Tank

    The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit is paired with the Cerberus tank and comes with 2ml capacity. It adopts two Super Mesh X2 0.3ohm Coil. This is a good all-rounder for both performance and construction. It includes a easy top fill design. The drip tip is large that meets your lip comfortably.

    GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit Review

    The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit is a well-built and solid device. It can Accurately rated for watts amps and volts. The flavour and vapor development are great. If you are buying a system, I will highly recommend you to use the GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit. What will be your thoughts on the GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit? I want to know by your comment!

    Pros and Cons of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit


    IP67-grade protections (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof)

    Accurately rated for watts amps and volts

    Good temp control performance with the right settings

    Handles 25 mm atomizers without overhang

    Full power available in TC mode

    Ability to use other brand coils in the Cerberus tank


    No preheat options for power mode

    Slight gap with some atomizers

    Temp control needs custom TCR to work well
    The installed coil was loose in the tank – so make sure to check before filling.

    Get leaks from the tank whenever it was tipped over slightly even with 80%VG liquid
    The rubber coating does attract more fluff than a boiled sweet in a trouser pocket.

    Check it for, a good UK based retail store that ships to Europe.

    Smok Mag Kit Review

    Smok Mag Kit Review



    1. Build Quality and Design of Smok Mag Kit
    2. Functions and Features of Smok Mag Kit
      1. Quick Guide of Smok Mag Kit:
    3. TFV12 Prince Tank
    4. Smok Mag Kit Review
      1. Pros and Cons of Smok Mag Kit

    The Smok Mag Kit is the most recent vape device from famous vaping manufacturer Smok. The Smok Mag Kit is a completely adjustable device with the capacity of firing from 6W to 225W utilizes dual 18650 batteries with a solid tank along with two coils alternatives. It is suitable for sub ohm vaping. Thanks a lot Newvaping for giving me this product for review.

    Smok Mag Kit Specifications:

    Dimensions: 92 x 65 x 30 x 265 mm

    Battery: Dual 18650 batteries(Not included)

    Wattage output: 6-225 W

    Tank capacity: 8ml(standard) / 2ml(TPD)

    Coil resistance: 0.1 to 3 ohm in VW and 0.05 to 3 ohm in TC

    Thread: 510

    Smok Mag Kit Package Contents:

    1x SMOK MAG Mod

    1x TFV12 Prince Tank (2.0ml)

    1x V12 Prince-Q4 0,4ohm Coils(Pre-installed)

    1x V12 Prince-T10 0.12ohm Coils

    1x USB Cable

    1x User Manual

    Spare Parts

    Build Quality and Design of Smok Mag Kit

    The Smok Mag Kit is a functional and smart kit. It stands at 92 x 65 x 30 x 265 mm. Made of zinc alloy, the Smok Mag Kit possesses an ergonomic condition that suits your palm comfortably. Throughout everything is extremely well developed. The spring-loaded 510 connector can take up to 30mm atomizer without overhang. The Smok Mag Kit features the trigger (fire button), the up and down adjustment buttons, which will be clicky and responsive. The OLED display screen is clear and simple to read.

    Functions and Features of Smok Mag Kit

    The Smok Mag Kit is driven by dual 18650 batteries maintains top-tier efficiency throughout the experience. It possesses excellent and accurate high wattage and TC performance. The screen displays your vaping info like battery life, wattage, voltage and resistance. The performing of the menu is great. There were no issues scrolling through the many options.

    Quick Guide of Smok Mag Kit:

    • 5 clicks in 2s to switch on
    • 3 clicks to access the menu system
    • Scroll with up or down adjustment buttons and select with trigger
    • 5 clicks on the trigger will lock your device

    TFV12 Prince Tank

    The Smok Mag Kit is paired with the TFV12 Prince tank and comes with V12 Prince-Q4 0,4ohm Coil and V12 Prince-T10 0.12ohm Coil. This is a good all-rounder for both performance and construction. It includes a easy top filling design. The drip tip is ergonomic that meets your lip comfortably.

    Smok Mag Kit Review

    The Smok Mag Kit is an ergonomic and powerful device. The Mag has a simple interface, and the lack of different vaping modes means there’s no confusion over finding the best modes for you and adjusting it to your specific tastes. The flavour and vapor development are great. If you are buying a well-built and solid kit, I will highly recommend you to use the Smok Mag Kit. What will be your thoughts on the Smok Mag Kit? I want to know by your comment!

    Pros and Cons of Smok Mag Kit


    Off the charts ergonomic feel

    Excellent and accurate high wattage and TC performance

    The incredible TFV 12 Prince tank with impressive range of kick ass coils


    Issues with 5 click startup

    Heavy with two batteries

    Don’t like the gun design (personally)

    Check it for, a good UK based retail store that ships to Europe.

    Smoking cigarettes, Cessation, and Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Smoking cigarettes, Cessation, and Neurodegenerative Diseases


    Medical Implications

    1. A quick note on harm
    2. Minor vs serious symptoms
      1. Thyroid conditions
      2. Neurodegenerative conditions
      3. Auto-immune conditions
    3. Implications
    4. Conclusion

    There are various medical implications for smoking cessation specially when long-term high-volume consumption is ceased. Today, in 2015, we have a tendency to think about a 1PAD (1 pack a day) habit as significant. Average consumption is currently (2015) reported as around 12 – 15 cigarettes each day by smokers in the united kingdom.

    A quick note on harm

    It is reasonably clear that smoking is connected with harm. Typically, smoking is hazardous; and the much longer it is carried out for, the higher the risk. Therefore, though it is unquestionably incorrect to state that smoking does not have any benefits – that is obviously incorrect when the issues are researched, as can be seen evidently below – there will tend to be better alternatives in the 21st century.

    It really is equally wrong to state that smoking cessation has no significant implications – it could and does bring about both small and serious morbidity, as outlined below. Even so, since we are certainly in the 21st century now, perhaps it is time to explore additional avenues of prophylaxis and treatment for vulnerable sub-populations.

    Minor vs serious symptoms

    From the above list, we see there are numerous common small symptoms of smoking cessation, almost all of which pass with time; and far less commonly, symptoms related to some serious medical ailments connected with smoking cessation for many reasons.

    For example of the small symptoms, the Quit Ulcers and the Quit Zits appear fairly regular. The ‘quit ulcers’ happen to be oral cavity ulcers experienced by some, which vanish reasonably quickly. The ‘stop zits’ are an interesting but less prevalent phenomenon: facial boils and areas resembling pimples that appear after smoking cigarettes cessation even in individuals who never had acne in youth. These facial aberrations could be distressing and inexplicable for those who have never experienced acne; and can be persistent. That is to say, they are able to last for weeks; and the sufferers are unlikely to survey they consider the challenge to be insignificant or of zero importance. Indeed, some survey this effect of smoking cessation as considerably disruptive to their lives.

    The more serious implications are luckily rare, because they can and do relate with serious disease. Thyroid conditions and auto-immune diseases will be implicated. For completeness, we should also consider the likely implications for serious neurodegenerative diseases associated with non-smoking status.

    Thyroid conditions

    The thyroid issues are under investigation. It would appear that smoking, or cigarette smoking cessation, are connected in some individuals with thyroid circumstances such as Hashimoto’s Thyroidosis. In other words, we have no idea if cigarette smoking triggers it and cessation triggers it or increases its effects; if smoking masks it; or if smoking cigarettes cessation triggers it in those without any previous sign of the condition.

    The ECF forum, although strictly speaking a vaping forum, can be by its very nature the world’s major smoking cessation forum, and groundbreaking research has been completed by the professors of medicine, doctors, researchers, chemists and pharmacists who are members – not forgetting the vast membership. The 16 million posts on the discussion board address several problems, and if you wish to research thyroid concerns and smoking, medical section on ECF is really as good a location as any to start. Incidentally, there are a few alarming symptoms associated with incorrect thyroid drugs dosages reported there, if is of interest to anyone.

    Neurodegenerative conditions

    Neurodegenerative and auto-immune disease are actually strongly connected with non-smoking status. Smoking cessation has serious implications for those with a genetic vulnerability to 1 auto-immune disease (ulcerative colitis). As an example, it really is reported that a lot more than 40 distinct clinical studies show a solid correlation between non-smoking position and Parkinson’s disease. Dr Maryka Quik, a senior researcher, states: “ An enormous literature says that smoking cigarettes protects against Parkinson’s. “

    Perhaps smoking protects against Parkinson’s because of the nicotine inclusion, since research shows nicotine works well in treatment, plus some genetic subgroups may require a significant supplementation of the normal dietary component; but after a particular time period, the harmful ramifications of smoking will have a tendency to override any benefits, and for that reason nicotine might greatest be supplemented in a few other way, if it’s indeed the sole agent in prophylaxis.

    Auto-immune conditions

    One auto-immune disease, ulcerative colitis, is indeed strongly connected with non-smoking position that it’s been termed ‘the non-smoker’s disease’. It is also apparent however, not confirmed by study that presentation can be associated with cigarette smoking cessation: a peak in presentations seems to occur soon after cessation. It can be plainly a genetic condition because it will run in families; and non-smokers are in more risk than smokers.


    These serious conditions are uncommon. Nevertheless, they are life-changing and in some instances eventually fatal. So that it would seem to point that some exploration of family history could possibly be beneficial: if such diseases are available in the history then certainly some preventive methods could be set up before or immediately after smoking cessation.

    Currently, we’ve no idea what works best (or at all) in this situation, but some kind of dietary nicotine supplementation appears advisable. The problem is actually this: we think nicotine is the dietary nutrient that avoids neurodegenerative and auto-immune circumstances for the vulnerable sub-population (but are not absolutely sure, especially about its sole activity); but we’ve no thought what dosages work or whether or not nicotine is the sole prophylactic or treatment agent – anatabine for instance is another alkaloid found in tobacco, and has a proven medical function as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent – it really is now used in procedures for rheumatism. This can be relevant since auto-immune ailments may also be categorised as inflammatory diseases.

    In the past it is said that doctors have occasionally recommended two cigarettes a day in such situations, given the serious nature of such diseases, in the case of a person with a family group history indicating vulnerability, and for the reason that elevation of risk for morbidity with 2 cigarettes each day is infinitesimal weighed against significant associated risk for a serious disease. Today, it appears likely the same doctor would advise some other form of smoking supplementation, given the option of numerous ultra-low-risk nicotine goods both with and without pharmaceutical licenses.


    As yet we do not have enough information about nicotine-based prophylaxis to create any definitive statements; Dr Newhouse of Vanderbilt leads the procedure investigation currently. It really is apparent there are benefits in fact it is also obvious that nicotine has all the indications essential for classification as a B supplement, similarly to its sister substance nicotinic acid. We basically have no idea enough about its effects in isolation, or the supplementary dosages (i.e. the RDA, and its supplementation for vulnerable populations) to provide advice that is apt to be appropriate or widely agreed.

    For clarity, it is worth pointing out that should you have a family background of neurodegenerative disease, or auto-immune disease, and so are a smoker seriously considering cessation, in that case perhaps it could be wise to look at the issues along with your doctor. At this time, considering the prevalence of propaganda, and how it really is proven to affect even authorities and may lead to medical negligence, you may consider finding better advice if your present doctor knows nothing about these issues or offers advice that is clearly incorrect by the most recent standards.

    Lifestyle Choices

    Lifestyle Choices


    Public Health Industry

    1. 1. General health and lifespan determinants
    2. 2. The preferred lifestyle: quality of life or extended old age?
    3. Lifestyle and the Public Health industry
    4. A block on progress
    5. The prison of an artificially prolonged life

    Lifestyle, and especially its implied meaning of alternatives made deliberately or in least with some measure of volition, is about just how someone lives their existence and how that may affect their health and even their lifespan. The elements we are said to be in a position to influence are the environment, do the job, pressures, activity level, diet plan, habits, and general buyer consumption especially of elements that may possess a negative effect such as alcohol and cigarettes.

    In some cases these factors are imposed on us, and actively changing them involves drastic life changes – moving to another area, changing jobs, etc. They are not impossible for most, but are major life alterations. The other factors, if seen as a harmful, are presumed to be easier to transformation for the better. On the other hand, there are two important issues that should be discussed:

    1. Does changing our lifestyle considerably affect our health and wellness and lifespan?
    2. What if people actually prefer quality of life to an extended later years?

    1. General health and lifespan determinants

    The factors that determine our health and wellness and lifespan are mostly out of our control as these are genetic, maternal, and childhood-related:

    • Us genes:
      a. The ages of which our parents and grandparents died;
      b. Their health in regards to to non-communicable disorders (e.g. susceptability to neurodegenerative, CVD, and different chronic conditions)
    • Our mother’s overall health while pregnant
    • Our mother’s diet plan while pregnant
    • Our diet plan and environment while young
    • Our environment
    • Our trade (kind of work)
    • And lastly, our lifestyle

    So life-style is a modifying element: it is extremely unlikely you will live till 90 unless this is a family group genetic trait; if you might not make it to 90 if your lifestyle choices are not optimal.

    In the recent past, at least so far as the UK can be involved, people drank a lot more alcohol than now; they smoked a lot more than now; plus they ate a lot more fat and glucose (although their diets by itself were superior to today: they ate considerably more vegetables, much more fish, and comparatively little meat in comparison to today). They didn’t die any earlier and they weren’t proportionately even more unhealthy though – assuming they received past the dangerous early on years and the wars, infectious disorders and work-related illnesses such as asbestosis and silicosis; ailments that will be treatable today is certainly another cause of death that distorts the problem. It could even be the case that individuals who survived the 1st 20 years of life lived longer than today. (There are a good amount of confounders of study course, though they tend to even out.)

    So in practice they didn’t die drastically younger provided that they survived the risky early on years, despite the fact that their lifestyle choices might today be considered almost lethal. Even so, their lives were a lot more active – perhaps often more so. Every single area of their lives included far more activity: their function was even more physical, their leisure was extra physical, plus they walked much beyond today as transportation was considerably less well developed and several factors were distinct. For example it was common for even small children to walk countless miles a evening to access school and back, generally alone – that is not just unusual in England today, it really is almost unheard of.

    So on the top it looks as though some aspects of diet plan considered risky today possess little result overall; drinking and smoking possess a marginal influence on population health overall even though quite substantial; but total activity is by an extremely long way the most crucial factor. This is a population-level concern, though, meaning it applies on average; clearly, the individual must determine ideal behaviour because of their own circumstances.

    On balance, you cannot be prepared to live longer than your loved ones history says is likely. You can shorten your lifespan, nonetheless it takes hard job in that regard to create a lot of difference, now that environments and work circumstances are safer than previously. To maximise your potential lifespan shows up, more than anything else, to need a large amount of physical activity.

    2. The preferred lifestyle: quality of life or extended old age?

    What if people in fact prefer an enjoyable lifestyle to a miserable, extended one? Is standard of living something that should be factored in? Do people actually want to live to an extended old age today?

    It is difficult to find anyone who would like to live a miserable existence, extended artificially to the utmost. Indeed, this sounds like the definition of a life in order to avoid. Such persons may exist but they are not the majority. In general, people want to live urbanised lives of maximum comfort, maximum social chance, and minimum effort. They are the lives they overwhelmingly select. It might be worthwhile pointing out to them that this will not maximise lifespan, however they mostly realise this. They do not choose the existence of an old-time religious ascetic, or a rural standard of living with a very lot of walking and exercise. We can try to educate the little in regards to to such choices, but if anything they happen to be worse than their father and mother: they select sedentary leisure such as video gaming and TV rather than rambling, cycling or tennis. That is a route to shorter lifespans, but it is a choice produced deliberately and with the entire good thing about modern information resources.

    Does anyone wish to live to a grand old age now? It appears like a good idea until you take into account that the traditional family group environment has been entirely destroyed, and the elderly generally live lonely, empty lives with all areas of it beyond their control: they live in artificial homes that happen to be like open prisons they cannot leave because of infirmity or financial restrictions. Told how to proceed, where to perform it, when to accomplish it, what things to eat, and how exactly to live, their lives frequently have no purpose any more. In the phrases of 1 senior, they are “in God’s waiting space”. Parked up and warehoused, they haven’t any real life.

    Today, people make an active choice in order to avoid that circumstance. They choose to live well and perhaps sacrifice those previous years for quality of life while it can be enjoyed; or to ameliorate difficult life circumstances. The cost/gain is clearly attractive: beverage the beer or wines you want nowadays, for decade after 10 years, and lose a couple of years of life within an old people’s home. It isn’t a difficult choice to make. (Assuming there exists a significant negative – it is difficult to believe a lot of the productivity from those people who are regarded to distort the reality so frequently as the Public Health industry.)

    Lifestyle imposition by others is going to be unwelcome and impractical: it has no benefit for most. It includes advice that you will live longer, when the majority evidently don’t want to, nowadays.

    Lifestyle and the Public Health industry

    Lifestyle is a subject of personal choice since the quality of someone’s life is of a lot more importance to them than the volume – how long they live. Nevertheless, the present day Public Health sector has little (or almost nothing) to do now that mass disease is in order and out of their jurisdiction, so they need work – and way of life is their latest domain. Among the funniest things seen recently is a move among their ranks to re-company the word as ‘deathstyle’ in order to try and make customer and leisure choices seem to be more important and much more serious than they are.

    Our father and mother and grandparents drank just like fish and smoked liked chimneys, but nonetheless managed to live to their late 70s, 80s, and even 90s, so such choices usually do not about the whole seem to be all that vital that you lifespan generally; genetics and other elements are of far more consequence (all of the world’s oldest persons are or have already been smokers, a slightly embarrassing simple fact; some smoked for a lot more than 10 decades). It looks very much as though the single the very first thing people can influence is their general level of activity.

    On the other hand, how you live your daily life is quite important to standard of living: people want to take pleasure from themselves, and very handful of indeed want to live a miserable life and survive to 90, especially considering the fact that care and support for older people both equally within the family and in society overall have deteriorated quickly within the same timescale that Consumer Health have already been trying to increase longevity at the price of the rest. If PH genuinely wanted to make a difference, they would concentrate in increasing the miserable lot of the elderly instead of looking to get everyone into that bracket regardless of the outcome.

    Of course, artificially extended lifespans do require decade upon decade of expensive prescription drugs, a useful benefit for those who, strangely enough, tend to be found to be significant funders of the general public Health industry.

    A block on progress

    It can often be impossible for improvement to take place before old guard disappear completely and die. That is a straightforward fact of life: anyone who has been around longest have reached the best positions of vitality, and are determined to safeguard the status quo. Nothing can happen until they go. They believe in outmoded paradigms, and safeguard old technology and old devices. They stop all progress because, within their view, the position quo cannot be increased; and they have to protect prior positions for reputational reasons, and established processes for financial reasons. All kinds of causes will be discovered why change cannot be allowed.

    When bars to advance are examined, it will often be discovered that switch for the better is unattainable until the people in charge are displaced. Loss of life helps clear away the dead timber. We are looking for it.

    What we don’t want is a long, artificially extended working life that keeps old fossils in control, well past their sell-by date. If which were to be typical, we would even now consider disease to get caused by miasma, dresses to be produced best yourself weaving, and transport greatest effected by horsepower.

    What we do need is for the old guard to just disappear completely when their mental processes become fossilised. Loss of life is our good friend. Without it, we would all be flint knappers.

    The prison of an artificially prolonged life

    The propaganda tells us that people should make an effort to live for as long as possible, no matter what. When will people commence to criticise such anomalous and unsafe edicts?

    “ Ironically, among the crueller unwanted effects of the sophistication of modern day medicine is that people have perfected means of keeping persons alive long after any satisfaction or meaning offers disappeared from their lives. We sentence them to years of mournful inanition, though most of them would happily have their leave while they had a brain to take action. “
    – Bishop Holloway

    Complete marks to Bishop Holloway for speaking out against the prison of artificially prolonged lives, without expectation or meaning or perhaps volition. If only considerably more experienced the courage to talk about this contemporary evil. You may even remember that he speaks especially of pleasure: the enjoyment of life and its activities; you may also be informed that the Public Health industry especially prohibits any reference to pleasure in any of its materials.

    You will find a lesson in there for some of us.